Copas y Tapas cookbook out now!


Our Cookbook Copas y Tapas - Erilaisia tapoja is now available at the restaurant and your local bookstore! The book contains nearly 60 recipes for tapas, main courses and desserts from the past five years, adapted for simple cooking at home. We also included a few words on the wild herbs that are essential to our cooking, and our suggestions and tips for wine pairings for each dish.

Jari Lahdenoja established Restaurant Copas y Tapas in 2010, after working in the wine industry for nearly two decades. For the last ten years he worked for the Catalan winemaker Miguel Torres, and he is well acquainted with Catalonian food, wine and culture. 

Aleksi Lahdenoja has enjoyed good food and wine all his life. He works as the sommelier at Copas y Tapas, and forages most of the wild herbs used in the kitchen. He believes good service is all about good hostmanship, and he was one of the finalists for the Pro 2014 best customer service -award in January 2014.

Miikka Väisänen is the chef at Copas y Tapas. He is also a wine lover who has spent several autumns harvesting in France. He finds joy in surprising pairings of food and wine. For him a meal is always primarily a social event.

Kirjan herkulliset valokuvat on ottanut Lasse Lecklin.

Jari Lahdenoja, Aleksi Lahdenoja & Miikka Väisänen 
Copas y Tapas – Erilaisia tapoja
ISBN: 9789522792761
Sidottu / 157 sivua
Ilmestymispäivä: 24.9.2015


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